Altin Mici Collection

At Altin Mici Atelier you will find a variety of fabrics not only for the spring, summer, and autumn-winter seasons but also for the 4 seasons, to make a custom wardrobe for the season.

Classic suits for the office, family party, or even timeless that your wardrobe definitely needs

Jackets (blazers) with or without liner, with modern cuts and sewing of a level of Alta Sartoria.

Pants with a classic or modern cut, and other sartori details that fulfill your everyday look.

The winter season brings exclusively coats with cashmere or baby camel materials which are realized by cutting and sewing of the maximum quality.

Every element used for the products made in the Altin Mici atelier is carefully selected and comes from the best Italian manufacturers, starting from fabrics, liners, interior accessories, etc

Every year Altin Mici Atelier presents the evening collection with proposals of ceremonial costumes for your event, mainly the wedding.

The collection always contains classic and timeless selections such as the traditional black tuxedo, but in parallel come the proposals of various designs which are typical of ceremonies such as weddings.

The ceremonial set contains the ceremonial costume, vest, ceremonial shirt, bow tie or tie, and also the atelier offers as a gift universal buttons for the shirt and scarf for the jacket.

You can select what you like from our ready-made collection, but what we offer as exclusive is the personalized ceremonial ostomy and treated with exclusive details.

Altin Mici atelier cooperates with the most reputable factories in the world for the production of 100% cotton pieces to make custom shirts for our customers.

Our shirt pieces are not only quality, with a variety of designs like the classic ones and timeless to the fantasy ones for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

Suitable for the office, as well as for everyday or evening events.

The shirts are made only to order according to the customer’s size and have a slim-fit cut that suits every age.

Do you have your first birthday?

Want something personalized?

Want to look matchy-matchy with your big brother or your dad?

Come to the atelier for a unique experience.