Altin Mici, the stylist for men’s ceremonial dresses, is not by chance in this industry. He has been operating in the events sector since 2001 and the beginnings of his work as an event curator bring the stylist closer to the development of this sector in Albania as well as the missing parts that this sector faces mainly in terms of appearance and look. In parallel, in the years 2003 – 2006, Altini studied at the Sipam-AB fashion institute where he graduated with honors in the branch Patronist – Modelist – Stylist. His early childhood passion for fashion and design has already awakened, pushing him to continue training further in neighboring Italy, thus increasingly perfecting his profile.

The constant work in the event sector and the constant contacts with young couples, encourage him to focus only on the design and realization of personalized ceremonial dresses which seem to be missing in the Albanian market.


From the very beginning, Mici introduces through his product a new inhale for the Albanian market and takes over to educate a different style of public presentation of Albanian men, starting from his clients and beyond. Since 2010 brings in every season a complete collection of ceremonial costumes for the groom, Altin Mici Collection, revealing them full of charm and elegance through catwalks and photo-shooting. Mici makes the presentation of his product, which he has already turned into a brand, by participating in fairs of events organized not only within Albania but also in Kosovo. The year 2016 marked a peak of success in the stylist’s career, being selected as the stylist who would design and realize the official ceremonial dress of the Albanian Football Team, for the participation in Euro 2016, France.


The representation of the team in the official appearances was highly appreciated by the Prime Minister of the country, as well as by international institutions where the team was introduced. This was the first time the national team had such a dignified appearance.
Mici is the stylist that everyone loves. Those who have chosen the most important wedding day as a stylist to the most famous names of Albanian and foreign screen, politics and business, strongly believe in Mici’s talent. Mici’s works have often been at the forefront of the creations of great stylists, especially the details and colors which sleep and wake up when needed by the Albanian master.
It is not in vain that he has been called “Albanian Armani”. The works designed by Altin Mici have crossed the Albanian borders and now it seems that this is the main objective of the artist – to place his name with great dignity next to the giants of “Fashion”.
For years, Altin Mici collaborates with a number of well-known characters and figures on the Albanian screen, taking care of their image in television appearances. Many of the well-known screen names strongly believe in Mici’s talent by already creating consolidated collaborations.

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